Architect Tours

Architecture and City Planning

Within the last two decades, Copenhagen has developed into a city with high class, widely acclaimed contemporary architecture.

In and around Copenhagen there are an overwelming amount of fantastic modern and contemporary architecture.


In the Harbour and in the New City of Ørestad, you will find some exampels og the newest trends in danish and internationale Architecture. The New Opera House, The New UN City in the northern harbour, Bjerget (The Mountain) and 8-tallet by BIG to mention a few. But there is also old time classics of modern architecture as Grundtvigs Kirken (The Grundtvig Church) and the Politigården (The Police Headquarters). We will guide you to the space between the houses: The streets parks and squares of Copenhagen.


Your guide will take you around, and tell you about whats going on In Danish Architecture and City Planning right now, and how Copenhagen is developing.

You can book a tour on bicycle or with bus. Minimum 3 hours and if more than 4 hours we stop on the way for lunch.